Sunday, 10 March 2013

Clare visited us at Valentine Singers a few weeks ago and this is her feedback

I recently joined the Valentine Singers for an evening to sample a rehearsal and I can honestly say it's one of the friendliest choirs I've ever visited. Within five minutes I'd been spoken to by more people than in my first five months in the choir I currently sing with. Several people checked that I had the right music and a good seat with the rest of the sopranos. I'm an experienced singer but I felt that there would have been lots of support available if I'd been less confident about finding my way round the score. The warm-ups before serious work on the Messiah got started were excellent and I was really impressed by the way Christine understood the different abilities of her singers and made sure everyone in the choir was catered for, from making sure they could all see her to helpful note-bashing of tricky corners. There was a lovely atmosphere and I'm just sorry I don't live close enough to be a regular member of the Valentine Singers.

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